As a result of working with CWG, company data is secure, customer data is protected, and compliance holes are plugged. We secure and protect your vulnerable data.

25 Years of cybersecurity expertise in government, department of defense, medical and commercial sectors.

Certified, highly-trained, and experienced subject matter expert teams

Recon Package

Search for holes in network and application infrastructure.

Identify and catalog all information systems and data
Assess network and applications for risks
Assess network security vulnerabilities

Guard Package

Implement a protective wall around critical assets.

Secure hardware and applications from cyber attack
Respond to cyber attack
Recover from cyber attack

Mission Package

Align company mission and strategic goals to industry, statute, and federal regulations compliance.

Security awareness trainings

Develop security plans and ecosystem to meet dynamic security challenges

Monitor and implement compliance requirements 

Advance Package

Provide extended cybersecurity services

Provide fractional Chief Information Security Officer (CISO)
24-hour cybersecurity services support
Customized cybersecurity tool kit
Includes Recon, Guard , and Mission Package services

For customized packages, please contact us.